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company formation

Law Firm Šeperac was founded in 2010 by Nebojša Šeperac, a former judge of the Serbian Higher Court, who is ready to brings his 32 years of experience to the table for each and every client. We know the Serbian law inside and out, have the practical, professional and court room experience in all types of civil and criminal cases, ensuring that you will get the experience you need and results you want.

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$ 9,600,000

wrongful death vehicle accident

$ 14,000,000

reversing a denied claim to get you paid

$ 14,000,000

commercial vehicle equity accidents

What legal services we provide?

Business Law
Business Litigation
Family Law
Civil Litigation
Labour and Employment Law
Criminal Law

With that said, Law Firm Šeperac was formed with the core values of:

Core Value 1: Putting Client interests above all else

Our most important core value which ensures that everyone at Law Firm Seperac is always upholding the essence of what it means to be a law firm, putting the client first at all times. It is with this mindset, along with our vast experience & expertise that allow us to be setting the benchmark for legal practices in Serbia.

Core Value 2: Honesty, Integrity and Trust

From our day 1 many years ago, our clients have put their full trust in us to deliver them honest and professional legal advice. We understand that Trust can only be earned and are forever grateful to our now 1500+ satisfied clients over the last 10 years, who continue to put their faith and trust in us.

Core Value 3: Communication and Transparency

Effective and efficient communication is vital for every successful business. Most mistakes can be traced back to a misunderstanding or miscommunication, which can be very costly when dealing with legal matters.

At law firm Seperac, regular communication and keeping our clients informed at every stage of the process is a non-negotiable. This means our clients have peace of mind, knowing all the possible outcomes, the best/worst case scenarios, helping them make informed and smart decisions regarding their legal matters.

Core Value 4: Innovation

At Seperac law firm, we are committed to innovation. Constantly searching for new ways to provide legal services, including now being able to provide many services remotely and online!

In a forever changing world, we understand that every client’s needs are unique and personal. Our diverse team is full of energy, new ideas and passion, meaning you can rest assured that no stone is left unturned in regards to your legal matter, giving our clients the peace of mind that everything that can be done, is being done.

Core Value 5: Results

We measure our professional success through our clients’ results. Through a deep understanding of our clients’ desired outcomes, Law Firm Šeperac delivers pragmatic, practical and fast results for our clients.

Our growing Serbian network of offices, strategically located in the state capital, as well as in central Serbia, mean we are ready to work wherever our clients need us, making us the “go to” lawyers in Serbia.

At Law Firm Šeperac , you can expect an honest, high level evaluation of:

– the legal aspects of your case;
– the obstacles and difficulties in your case;
– the chances that you will succeed;
– what you are likely to recover if you do succeed;
– what the costs and risks will be if you proceed.

Professional staff at Law Firm Šeperac are able to give assistance in Serbian, English, German and Italian, along with timely and accurate guidance to all clients, irrespective of nationality.

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