Law Firm Šeperac provides efficient and innovative representation in civil litigation matters throughout Serbia.

Firm’s litigation practices are designed to fit the needs of our clients at the changing legal environment and doing so in the most efficient way possible. Law Firm Šeperac makes its priority to stay in touch with the changing legal practice by monitoring all the newest trends in rulings of domestic courts.

Our Firm’s civil litigation practice includes: family law disputes, breach of contractual obligations, real estate related disputes, vehicular accidents, damage compensations, etc.

Based upon our litigation experience, the lawyers at our law firm have the ability to accurately evaluate the weakness and strength of each case. Lawyers with the highest professional diligence evaluate facts of a case, a client’s goals, and the legal aspects of each case, to develop a litigation plan of action that is realistic and cost-effective, which can result in expected results for a client.

In addition, we provide full scope services related to recognition and enforcement of foreign decisions in Serbia.

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