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How and Who can acquire Citizenship in the Republic of Serbia?   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FX5wOvlsJJ8 Acquiring Serbian Citizenship as member of the Serbian People (Your background/origin is Serbian) AND/OR as a person born in a country of the former “SFRY” (Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia”).   Preferential treatment is given to people that fall in one or both of these categories and this is one of the broadest grounds for admission to citizenship of the Republic of Serbia. It is particularly popular among Serbs living abroad, as well as Serbs born in Bosnia and Croatia, as they DO NOT have to discharge themselves of their current Citizenship,...

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Foreign citizens in the misdemeanor procedure – Part three

- FOREIGN CITIZENS AND CUSTOMS OFFENSES - The importance of being informed on customs regulations of the Republic of Serbia is illustrated by the fact that customs offenses are characterized by extremely high penalties. Thus, for the offense referred to in Article 292. The Customs Law (this category includes failure to declare goods entering the customs territory of the RS), a fine ranges from one to four times the value of goods. Free entry of goods to the Republic of Serbia The Customs Act stipulates that certain types of goods are not subject to customs duties and passengers can enter them free of...

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Taking in and taking out the money from The Republic of Serbia

FOREIGN CITIZENS IN THE MISDEMEANOR PROCEDURE - PART TWO - TAKING IN AND TAKING OUT THE MONEY FROM THE REPUBLIC OF SERBIA - Legal framework One of the most common violations in practice that is committed by foreign citizens or non-residents, is a violation of Article 63, paragraph 1. point 14. Of Law on Foreign Exchange Operations. This provision stipulates that a non-resident-natural person shall be fined for a misdemeanour in the amount of 5,000 to 150,000 dinars, if he fails to act in accordance with the regulations of the National Bank of Serbia. In accordance with the Law on Foreign Exchange Operations,...

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Foreign citizens in the misdemeanor procedure – Part one

- CHARACTERISTICS OF THE MISDEMEANOR PROCEDURE CONDUCTED AGAINST FOREIGN CITIZENS - Are foreign citizens in the same position as citizens of the Republic of Serbia? All the basic principles of the misdemeanour procedure, the principle of legality, determination of material truth, urgency and the use of the language shall be applied in the misdemeanour procedure in which the defendants are foreigners, i.e. person who do not have citizenship of the Republic of Serbia are indicted. Detaining a suspect for the commission of a misdemeanour before initiating proceedings The specificity of the misdemeanour proceedings in which as defendants appear foreigners is the urgency of...

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Release from the citizenship – What to expect in the proceeding?

RELEASE FROM SERBIAN  CITIZENSHIP Why to require a release from the citizenship? The most common reasons why citizens of the Republic of Serbia decide to submit a request for release from the citizenship, is emanated by the foreign legislation, which conditions admission to the foreign citizenship, by prior release from the citizenship that is already possessed by a candidate. How and where to start the procedure? The procedure may be initiated in person or by a lawyer in Serbia, or before the competent diplomatic-consular mission of the Republic of Serbia abroad. Initiating the proceeding – proceeding in Serbia The proceeding is initiated by submission of the...

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