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Labour and Employment Law

Our lawyers are experienced in the representation of employment-related claims and have the resources, determination, and creativity demanded in employment litigation situations.

Recent increase in employment-related lawsuits has greatly affected the employee-employer relationship, which is constantly evolving as new cases make their way through the courts and administrative bodies.

When our clients become involved in employment disputes, our number one priority is to protect clients’ legal rights and interests. Our lawyers regularly appear before courts, engaging in employment-related disputes. Correspondingly, Firm’s litigators have the depth of experience deriving from years of representing clients in diverse proceedings, including administrative hearings, trials, and representation before appellate courts.

However, in order to avoid litigation, our employment litigation team provides counselling and all necessary subject-related information to assist clients in assessing potential risks before disputes. These services allow clients to evaluate, manage, and avoid situations that might result in litigation.

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